Rodzaj firmy: product, publisher, developer
Pracownicy: 11-50
Platformy : PC, Mobile, Browser, Social, iOS, Android
Gatunek: Gry logiczni, Gry wyścigowe, Gry symulacyjne, Grу rytmiczni / muzyczni, Gry planszowi, Gry codzienni, Arcade, Gry platformowi, Gry Ciekawostki, Gry słowne, Aplikacje mobilne


Playcus is the developer of games for mobile and PC platforms that are available for tablets, smartphones and computers using various operating systems. Since its founding in 2011, Playcus has launched a number of games on the market - Super Bingo HD, Bingo Superstars, Bingo Kingdom, Bingo Country Ways, and others.