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Nad czym pracować?
  • Nazwa projektu (ów): Data Engineer
Na jakie zadania (obowiązki)?

As a Senior Data Scientist, you are going to:

  • Design machine learning pipelines iteratively from the source data (very large real time datasets) to the models powering very diverse product needs. For example our DSP handles real-time bidding while some tailored models run only once. Some algorithms are already advanced and need to be perfected while others you will build entirely from scratch starting with a literature review of best scientific practices.

  • Partner with Engineering to deploy every model effectively (planning, Git PRs, reviewing results, etc.) Adikteev has a very strong Data Engineering team to put algorithms into production on Airflow and dedicated Backend Engineering to Handle the intricacies of real time bidding.

  • Design and deploy statistical tests to evaluate model changes.

  • Conduct research and contribute to the statistical expertise of the firm.

  • Contribute to product strategy brainstorming and help prioritize initiatives for the roadmap. Interact cross-functionally and deliver effective presentations to multiple levels of stakeholders, tailoring the level of scientific content and communication to the audience.

  • Mentor a junior data scientist.

Jakiego specjalisty szukamy?
  • Intelligence - Quickly absorbs complex new information.

  • Creativity - Enjoys brainstorming and generating innovative approaches to company challenges.

  • Communication - Speaks and writes clearly and concisely. Fluent English, French is a plus.

  • ML skills - Proficiency in querying, structuring and processing qualitative or quantitative data to draw insightful business conclusions. Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques and their real-world advantages/drawbacks.

  • Mathematical skills - understands and enjoys applying theoretical concepts of statistical learning. Eagerness to keep abreast of relevant academic & professional research.

  • Technical skills - Deftly programs in Python & Pandas (experience with PySpark and Scala a plus), basic knowledge of database languages (SQL). Competency in shell scripting, experience with deployment to Production, experience with AWS a plus.

  • Cultural skills - High standards, Autonomy, Teamwork, Enthusiasm, Honesty, Adaptability.


  • Master’s degree or PhD in STEM, preferably with a statistics focus.

  • 5+ years of experience working in teams using data science to power a core company product or service. Exceptional candidates with less professional experience will also be considered.

  • Applied experience with machine learning on large datasets.

  • Knowledge of AdTech or MarTech is a strong plus.

Dlaczego u nas przyjemno pracować ?
  • Full responsibility for your working area from day one.

  • You play a critical role in determining the company's success. We want someone who brings strong ideas to the table and gets involved with product planning.

  • We foster a consensus-driven, rather than top-down, decision making culture. From what features to build to what furniture to buy for the office, we encourage team involvement.

  • An entrepreneurial environment with a competitive salary.

  • An open, smart and fun atmosphere thanks to our mixed-culture environment of talented team members!

Additional Information

  • Adikteev received many international rewards: 2017 Deloitte Extenso Fast 50 — an award that recognizes tech companies that have demonstrated exceptional growth in turnover in the last 4 years: Adikteev is ranked 2nd in best tech companies in France; 1st in Ile-de- France, and 1st in the area of “Internet, Media & Telecoms."

  • Deloitte Extenso Fast 500 EMEA: Adikteev is ranked 12th amongst 500 best tech companies in EMEA.

  • According to EY, Adikteev is listed as the 8th most outstanding French Startup.

  • French Tech Pass: Adikteev is listed in FrenchWeb’s top 100 best French tech companies.

  • Adikteev is recognized as a member of “BPI France Excellence.”

  • Adikteev has been awarded the label “Happy At Work.”


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